City Of Stanton, CA - Stanton City Hall Information

City Of Stanton, CA
Stanton City Hall phone numbers

Useful Stanton Phone Numbers:

Stanton City Hall 714-379-9222
Building & Safety 714-890-4252
Permit Technician 714-890-4286
Planning Inquiries 714-890-4210
Community Services 714-890-4270

City Of Stanton, CA
City of Stanton phone numbers

City of Stanton

OC Fire Station #46 714-827-4194
OC Sheriff Sub-Station 714-889-7866
(City of stanton police department)
Public Works 714-890-4205
Code Enforcement 714-890-4220
Family Resource Center 714-379-0129

City Of Stanton, CA
City of Stanton address

City of Stanton

Stanton City Hall address:
7800 Katella Ave, Stanton, CA 90680
Monday - Thursday 7am - 12pm; 1pm - 6pm
Closed most days during December.
Closed all Fridays.
Closed many Mondays for holidays.

City Of Stanton, CA - Our City


We need to bring our local taxation back down to the levels of nearby unincorporated areas like Rossmoor, Midway City, and the Anaheim Islands. This means hundreds of extra dollars for you and your family year after year.


Alfresco Gardens will get homeless out of the children's play areas, parks, off the flood channels, streets, storefronts, and sidewalks. This leads to a safer environment for everyone.

Safety Services

The number one priority is supporting our Sheriffs and Fire Fighters as well as eliminating homelessness, prostitution, and graffiti. The OC Sheriff is our City of Stanton police department.

City Of Stanton, CA - Our Economy

Defending Proposition 13

We defeated Stanton's 1997 parcel tax, 2012 Stanton Utility Tax increase, and the television programming tax. We worked against our 2001 Utility Tax, 2014 tax increase, trash increase, and our sewer fee increases. This gives the average Stanton household hundreds of extra dollars year after year.

Jobs & Employment

We need a business friendly vision by bringing employers back to Stanton and reducing our high unemployment. Over 100 businesses closed on Beach Blvd. over the past 20 years leading to less employment opportunities and lower wages for Stanton residents.

Housing vs. Infrastructure

In our area we are running out of water, electricity, and now natural gas. The freeways are jammed. Building more high-density housing in Stanton is hurting our quality of life for Stanton residents and puts a strain on our police department.

City Of Stanton, CA - About

About Team-Stanton

"Team-Stanton" is a group of concerned residents focused on a better Stanton and a thriving and safe community.

Get involved

If you want to be involved in helping your community, stay connected with Team Stanton.

Stay Connected

Stay connected with Team-Stanton!

City Of Stanton, CA - Around Town

Food, Restaurants, Fun

So sad to see so many great places close down in our community like Golden Steer, Red Robin, Sizzler, Mimi's, Acapulco, Ralph's, Albertsons, Edwards Cinema, Golfland, Mario's International, Burger King, China King, El Ranchito Market...

Neighborhood Safety

We need to work with our neighboring city of Anaheim on our safety issues on Cerritos Avenue and Beach Blvd.

Quality Of Life

We are proud of our new Central Park and enjoy the citywide programs for our seniors, children, and after school activities.

"Team-Stanton" is a group of concerned
residents focused on a better Stanton and a thriving and safe community.
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Stanton city hall address: 7800 Katella Ave. The Stanton city hall main phone number is 714-379-9222. Stanton city hall is located next to the OC Library Stanton branch and the Stanton Sheriff's Department. Parking for Stanton city hall is located just south of Stanton city hall. Stanton city hall is closed every Friday, most days in December, and many Monday holiday's throughout the year. The city of Stanton is a city in Orange County, CA. The city of Stanton is about 3.4 square miles. The city of Stanton has nearly 40,000 residents. The city of Stanton is between Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. The city of Stanton is just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. The main streets for the city of Stanton are Beach Blvd. and Katella Avenue. The city of Stanton is known for Adventure City, Stanton Indoor Swapmeet, Pick Your Part, Thai Nakorn Resturant, Orco Block, CR&R Recycler, Super King, and Harry's Cafe.